Be inspired by these amazing ventures filled with valuable lessons for life and business. We describe in detail what you need before starting out. Then what you have to consider when setting up the venture, and tips on making it successful. Each venture is ranked on its millionaire potential, fun, probability of success, if you have to invest money into it, difficulty, and how old you should be before trying it out. 

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  1. Start a used toy store 
  2. Start a slime factory
  3. Start to cut grass/move snow
  4. Start a newspaper
  5. Start selling food and drinks
  6. Start a homework service
  7. Start a birthday service
  8. Start a senior service
  9. Start an import business
  10. Start a YouTube channel
  11. Start a sport business
  12. Start a local book venture
  13. Start a babysitting business
  14. Start a tech help business
  15. Start a gaming business


  • Evaluating ideas
  • Naming your venture
  • Deciding business model
  • Selling your products
  • Product calculations
  • Preparing a budget
  • Finding capital
  • Product calculations
  • How to do marketing
  • Setting prices
  • Hiring classmates
  • Tackling competitors
  • Collecting data
  • Success with PR
  • Creating offers


"Our kids tried out 3 of these ventures. They had great fun and learned a lot."

"My boy loved the idea of the birthday business. He planned it and we had lots of discussions around it. He did not start it, but it was a fun experience."

"We tried out the book venture. My daughter sold 15 books in the neighborhood. I believe it as a formative experience for her."

"After reading all the examples our kids decided to start a cakemaking business. They used the book and advice in their preparations."

"Loved the examples, they spurred creativity." 

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Sverre Steensen has developed more than 200 products including; an automatic pot-stirrer, the world's first winter hat with a lamp, unique massage products, many kitchen inventions, and products for kids. The products have been sold worldwide, including MoMA, The Container Store, and most Nordic retailers for a retail value above 200 MUSD.  

Sverre Steensen has two parallel degrees in Business and Computer Science, worked 5 years in the consultancy BCG and has built many businesses from scratch. He also consults other companies in business strategy, entrepreneurship, and scaling companies and has published a number of books. Sverre is a father of three kids and works and lives in Norway, when not traveling the world. To read more www.sverresteensen.com