This book is filled with 99 activities to do with your kids to inspire and teach them about business and life. The activities are fun to do together, and the experiences may create memories that last a lifetime.

Some activities can be done in 5 minutes. Others may take 5 days. The activities cover a broad range of topics and have been kid-tested. The activities do not require any previous business understanding on the parent’s part.

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  1. Study ads to learn communication
  2. How to create amazing inventions?
  3. Build the theme park of your dreams
  4. Solving grandparent’s problems?
  5. Become a master negotiator
  6. What is a good logo?
  7. How to measure a business?
  8. Watch Jerry Maguire with your kid
  9. Invest with your kids
  10. Brainstorming with your kids
  11. Play Monopoly together
  12. What questions to ask when hiring?
  13. Raising 1,000 dollars
  14. The elevator pitch
  15. How do Netflix/Spotify make money?


  1. Start a business on a car trip
  2. How to make the investor pitch?
  3. Create your first budget
  4. Understanding USPs
  5. Teach your kid to set goals 
  6. The Not To-do list for kids
  7. How to structure a retail store?
  8. Build a candy factory
  9. How to serve a shit sandwich?
  10. Watch The Pursuit of Happiness
  11. Is a firm losing money worth zero?
  12. How does a YouTuber make money?
  13. How to value a company?
  14. How to evaluate ideas?
  15. What is the purpose of a business?


"I believe it's important to teach kids a little something about business since it's not taught in school. This book gave me lots of inspiration."

"Loved the exercise of thinking how we could improve the restaurant while we were having dinner together."

"A great source of things to do together. Much better than Netflix and YouTube."

"We read the ideas together and then decide which activities to do."

"My kid really enjoyed building a candy factory and amusement park.

"Inspiring ideas that inspired us."

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Sverre Steensen has developed more than 200 products including; an automatic pot-stirrer, the world's first winter hat with a lamp, unique massage products, many kitchen inventions, and products for kids. The products have been sold worldwide, including MoMA, The Container Store, and most Nordic retailers for a retail value above 200 MUSD.  

Sverre Steensen has two parallel degrees in Business and Computer Science, worked 5 years in the consultancy BCG and has built many businesses from scratch. He also consults other companies in business strategy, entrepreneurship, and scaling companies and has published a number of books. Sverre is a father of three kids and works and lives in Norway, when not traveling the world. To read more