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Solving your grandparent’s problems?

Problems are great opportunities to start new ventures. A
problem means that there’s possibly a customer willing to
pay money for your solution. The solution may either be a
product or a service.
Tell your kid to focus on their grandparents and the
challenges they face. This is a useful exercise in empathy,
out-of-the-box thinking, and how to develop ideas, or
brainstorm. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Write “large problems,” “small problems,” “frequent
    problems,” and “infrequent problems” in four columns. Then, start asking probing questions to help your kid identify problems. What does their day look like? What are their struggles? What type of help do they need?
  • When you have written ten or more problems on the paper, go into problem-solving mode to tackle each problem with the following questions: Is the solution
    to the problem a product or a service? Is the solution something a kid can create and deliver on? Will your grandparents pay for the solution?
  • Write the answer to each of these questions on the paper next to each problem. Next time you visit with your grandparents, bring the results from this exercise along and discuss the problems and solutions. Do they agree, or do they point out important problems you may have missed?

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