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Understanding USPs

USPs are central to business and life in general. It stands for unique selling points. Products and people have USPs.

USPs answer the question, “Why choose us over our competitors?” When you become aware of them, you will see USPs all over the place. Here’s how to teach USPs:

  • Another kid is considering starting at your school. Why should they do it? What makes your school special? Have your kid list the USPs.
  • Why should you start to watch your kid’s favorite TV series? Can your kid convince you with the USPs of the series?
  • What are the USPs of your smartphone? Is it the screen, battery life, performance, apps, etc.?
  • If your kid is at a job interview, why should they be hired? Have them list their USPs.
  • What are the USPs of the dinner you had yesterday? Is it healthy, tasty, large portions, unique sauce, etc.?

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