In The YouTuber, we follow August from when he gets the idea of launching a channel all the way to a big success. He learns valuable skills, struggles, fails, wins, and has lots of fun along the way. The book reads like fiction but is filled with golden nuggets of business wisdom and life advice. At every step of the journey, August asks you, the reader, for your advice, making you think and take part in the journey.

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  • How to plan a channel
  • Deciding on a topic
  • Getting the right setup
  • How to do marketing
  • Finding sponsors
  • Learn how to price
  • Making money from YouTube
  • Hiring classmates
  • How to do interviews
  • Tackling competitors
  • Collecting data
  • Finding a studio
  • Success with PR
  • How to tackle comments


"All kids want to be famous these days. This book gives great advice on many of the important things you should be aware of before starting out."

"My boy read the entire book in one reading. He enjoyed it very much."

"I love the business lessons from this book. It also shows some of the ups and downs that are part of every venture."

"My kid is even more inspired to start a Youtube channel now after reading the book."

"1 hour after putting down the book, my kids established a joint YouTube channel."


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Sverre Steensen has developed more than 200 products including; an automatic pot-stirrer, the world's first winter hat with a lamp, unique massage products, many kitchen inventions, and products for kids. The products have been sold worldwide, including MoMA, The Container Store, and most Nordic retailers for a retail value above 200 MUSD.  

Sverre Steensen has two parallel degrees in Business and Computer Science, worked 5 years in the consultancy BCG and has built many businesses from scratch. He also consults other companies in business strategy, entrepreneurship, and scaling companies and has published a number of books. Sverre is a father of three kids and works and lives in Norway, when not traveling the world. To read more